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The Myth of the Teenager

Myth of the Teenager by Rev. Michael S. Heath Read the article by Dr. Platt entitled "Myth of the Teenager" Click Here Read the article "How I Helped my Boys Become...

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Interview with James Harrison of Minutemen United

by Rev. Michael S. Heath

In this radio show recorded for airing on The Light July 9, 2016 Mike talks with James Harrison, the leader of Minutemen United.  Harrison led a group of Christian men in a sustained pro-marriage assault on an evangelical megachurch in Columbus, Ohio.  That righteous offensive led to a protracted court battle that is yet to be fully resolved.

History of "Gay" Rights in Maine with Paul Madore

by Rev. Michael S. Heath

In this radio show recorded for airing on The Light July 2, 2016 Mike talks with his good friend from Lewiston about the history of “gay” rights in Maine.  With public schools now encouraging bestiality it is important to get some context.  After years of bludgeoning by homosexual activists Maine voters narrowly allowed “sexual orientation” into the Maine Human Rights Act.  This opened pandora’s box.  Learn how it was done.  Listen now to the leaders who fought it then, and are fighting it now.

In this radio show recorded for airing on The Light June 25, 2016 Mike and Paulie take on the controversial topic of transgendering in light of Paulie’s song “Born of You.” The couple also discuss the “Equal Rights Not Special Rights” referendum.

Learn more about Paulie’s music and girl’s getaway weekends. Also, Mike talks at length with Laurie Higgins from the Illinois Family Institute.

Mike introduces the show discussing the famous Nicene Creed, and playing a Paulie Heath song that sets the inspirational words to music.  He then digs in on the question of what is being done to Maine and America by sodomites with his guest, Peter LaBarbera from Americans for Truth about Homosexuality.  Christians and the public are not allowed to really think about this issue.  The truth is carefully kept from them.  You’ll see what we mean after you listen to this program.

Just back from a ten day trip to the south our host opens talking a bit about the trip.  Mike then discusses a timeless song that his wife, Paulie, wrote over a decade ago.  The show finishes with a thought provoking interview with Linda Harvey from Mission America.

Mike discusses his recent trip to Guatemala. He also interviews Robert Knight and Peter LaBarbera.

Introduction to the Shield of Faith Radio Show

by Rev. Michael S. Heath

In this first of what will be many radio shows airing on The Light radio station in Central Maine on Saturday mornings at 10 a.m. I interview Coach Dave Daubenmire from Pass the Salt Ministries and Lt. Col. Ray Moore of Exodus Mandate.